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Francesca’s passion for nutrition and exercise started many years ago after she earned her Bachelor’s degree and master level certification in yoga. In her continued pursuit of everything health-related, she opened a studio and taught yoga with the ideals of helping people strengthen their body and soul.  Complimenting with the nutrition aspect for the inner self, Francesca serves as a representative for a national nutrition company and opened her own health food store.

The experiences and knowledge she has gained from these healthful adventures has given her so much insight on how to create a naturally energetic, vivacious, resilient, toned, and lean body while maintaining great overall health and vitality. A perfect synergy that can exist for all of us, she notes. Yoga HIIT is her personal creation inspired by years of listening to what her clients need and want, a great fusion class that focuses on building heat through the body by spiking the heart rate up and implementing iso- & plyo-metric exercises inspired by yoga poses and then holding yoga poses to stretch and elongate the muscles.

  • Why I love The Gym
    • It’s a grown up playground! The people are awesome, it’s a family feels environment, and The Gym has all the equipment and fitness tools you can think of!
  • My Favorite motivational quote
    • “The strength of a tree lies in its ability to bend” – Zen proverb
  • My Favorite food indulgence
    • Chicken n’ waffles and bourbon
  • My Favorite fitness activity besides teaching
    • Lifting, surfing and playing tennis outside!



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